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ayahuasca hallucinations psychosis

Can Learning to Navigate Ayahuasca Hallucinations Help in Psychosis Treatment?

Hallucinations occur during what doctors call psychosis, but they can also manifest outside the corridors of...
shamanic practice

Social Isolation Turns the World Inside Out. That’s Why Shamans Do...

Why is it taking so long to believe that if we hurt Nature, we...
psychedelic drugs

How Psychedelic Drugs Can Help Us Overcome Crisis

While many people decide to try psychedelic drugs in order to “get high” or...
ayahuasca courses

Stuck at Home? Expand Your Mind with Ayahuasca Courses

With COVID-19 disrupting the entire world, we are offered an opportunity to find focus,...
Ayahuasca vine only brew without DMT cover

Drinking Ayahuasca Without DMT is Powerful and Traditional

When using the word ayahuasca, we generally mean the well-known...

DMT and the Psychedelic Underground in Mainland China—An Insider’s Story

I estimate that a few thousand people have had a DMT trip in mainland China. I heard of it for the first...
DMT brain

How DMT Switches the Brain’s Reality Channel

What happens is, the world is completely replaced, instantly, 100 percent. It's all gone. And what’s put in its place, not...
Mateo Arevalo Maynas ayahuasca

Becoming a Master of Ayahuasca Takes Courage, Endurance, and Respect

My name is Mateo Arévalo Maynas. I’m 64 years old, and my Shipibo name is Isayu. For decades I have been...
Ayahuasca-Tourism-Maestro Pedro Tangoa Lopez

The Dangers of the Ayahuasca Tourism Boom

Ayahuasca tourism and commercialization are distorting the cultural originality of the medicine's traditions.
Ayahuasca Harvesting

We Are Harvesting the Ayahuasca Vine at an Alarming Rate

Over-harvesting ayahuasca is putting the sustainability of the medicine, the communities, and several branches of industry in question.