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kahpi ayahuasca A Short Introduction to Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a psychedelic brew typically made from boiling two plants, banisteriopsis caapi and psychotria viridis. The brew has been used by many indigenous peoples of the Amazon Rainforest for healing, magic and social welfare for at least a few centuries, possibly much longer. When consumed, ayahuasca usually creates extraordinary experiences of visions and intense emotions.

In recent decades, ayahuasca has become an increasingly popular choice of alternative healing for people in Western societies who travel to the Amazon for an ayahuasca retreat or who attend ayahuasca retreats in other parts of the world. Ayahuasca is also at the centre of two large religious organisations that began in the 20th century in Brazil and now exist in many parts of the world.

The brew is used in contexts of shamanism, spirituality, religion and psychotherapy. It has expanded from the Amazon jungle into societies in which similar psychoactive plants and chemicals are illegal, and it is currently illegal in many parts of the world.

In recent years, there has been an explosion of high-quality scientific research into ayahuasca, with hundreds of research articles being published in academic disciplines ranging from anthropology, botany and history to psychology, neuroscience and pharmacology. Research has examined the benefits, risks, and practices of drinking ayahuasca.

“Ayahuasca can unleash unsuspected forces in the psyche, and this can be hard to manage for those who are unprepared.” – Jeremy Narby, Ph.D.

Kahpi is the result of a large collective energy of people with long-term engagement with the realities of ayahuasca culture, science and experiences.

We carefully selected 10 world renowned teachers and designed a powerful series of ayahuasca video courses.

We are a charity organization and are grateful to receive generous donations from around the world. These donations enable us to offer the Kahpi courses free to access. We are currently developing 2 new courses, focused on techniques of ayahuasca journeying, integration and related topics, and we need some financial help to get them complete.

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The Kahpi Teachers

Glenn H. Shepard, PhD – Anthropologist

Teacher of Substance, Soul & Shamanism in the Amazon & Beyond

Draulio de Araujo, PhD – Neuroscientist

Teacher of Ayahuasca & The Brain

Dr. Clancy Cavnar, PsyD – Psychologist

Teacher of Psychological Aspects of Preparing For & Integrating Ayahuasca Experiences

Celina De Leon, M.A. (c) – Healer

Teacher of The Role of Spirituality in Ayahuasca Healing

Dr. Luís Fernando Tófoli, PhD, MD – Psychiatrist

Teacher of Ayahuasca & Mental Health

Des Tramacchi, Ph.D – Scholar of Spirituality

Teacher of Ayahuasca, World Spiritualities & Psychonautics

Gretel Echazú, PhD – Anthropologist

Teacher of Ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon: Nation, Gender & Race/Ethnicity

Jerónimo Mazarrasa – Digital Storyteller

Teacher of Spiritual Tourism, Spiritual Materialism & the Ethics of Intercultural Encounters

Nicolas Langlitz, PhD – Anthropologist

Teacher of Neuropsychedelia & The Laboratory

Dr. Brian Anderson, MD – Medical Doctor

Teacher of Ayahuasca & Allopathic Medicine

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