With COVID-19 disrupting the entire world, we are offered an opportunity to find focus, reestablish inner peace and strength, and transform ourselves to face challenges in a better way.

There’s no denying it—what’s happening is challenging. We at Kahpi, however, choose to focus on and appreciate the aspects of this crisis that foster inner growth: the call to stop our busy lives and start caring more for ourselves and our loved ones.

In a way, we’re going through something like a collective ayahuasca ceremony, and this is the message:

Slow down, gain knowledge, insight, love, and transform.

As ayahuasca ceremonies are unavailable now, we wanted to reach out and connect you with the wisdom of the brew through virtual means.

Our ultimate collection of online courses, which include teachings on navigating the ayahuasca path and the science and culture behind the brew, is on discount right now.

We know that in isolation, time is plentiful but finances strained, so we want to allow more people to have access to the best and most engaging information about ayahuasca available online.

traditional ayahuasca iowaska ceremony

This is why the Lifetime Membership to the whole Kahpi program is currently available for only $55 (normally $75).

To claim your discount, click on the link above and use the coupon code: WISDOM

By joining the Kahpi Membership program, you will receive diverse insight and wisdom from:

1. Ceremony facilitators with decades of experience serving ayahuasca.
2. Leaders of thought in psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience, who share knowledge about ayahuasca’s safety, risks, therapeutic benefits, effects on the brain, and more.
3. Indigenous elders who teach visionary navigation, plant dieting, and the cultural history of ayahuasca.
4. Top anthropologists who offer fascinating details about the indigenous cultures of ayahuasca use across time and place.

Our course instructors have dedicated their lives to learning about ayahuasca and sharing this knowledge. There’s no time better than the present to absorb their wisdom.

Why Support Us?

Firstly, the courses at Kahpi are awesomeness distilled. You will not find such a compilation of ayahuasca expertise elsewhere. And we are not the only ones who think so; this is what psychedelic research legend Thomas B. Roberts, PhD, had to say:

Presenting a depth of information in visually beautiful settings, the Kahpi ayahuasca courses instruct and delight.

Secondly, Kahpi is comprised of a great team of writers, editors, artists, and academics, and the revenue we get from course sales means we can continue to create and publish our wonderful and free online Magazine, which has over 100 fascinating articles so far.

Dive into the courses today.

Stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones during these turbulent times. Remember—COVID-19, too, shall pass. Dark phases are integral to the journey of life; they motivate us to transform and let us see the light better.

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