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Psychedelic Experiences

What the Psychedelic Experience Really Is

There are many accounts of psychedelic experiences online and in books, written by people who’ve dabbled or dived into substances from LSD to psilocybin,...

4 Things You Should Know About Ayahuasca

If you boil the two plants Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis long enough, you'll end up with the powerful brew ayahuasca. But, I don't recommend you...
Prepare for ayahuasca

How to Prepare for Your First Ayahuasca Experience

Preparing for ayahuasca is not something you should approach lightly. The brew is a medicine whose wisdom many seek for healing and spiritual advancement...

How Ayahuasca Experiences Awaken the Spirit Within

The feeling of accessing a deeper reality that is essential or fundamental to life unites different ayahuasca experiences. But the spiritual experiences of ayahuasca...