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The Risks & Benefits of Ayahuasca According to Science & Beyond

Ayahuasca experiences can be very diverse and often pretty intense. When consumed, the Amazonian brew usually creates profound visions and strong emotions. The exact...
Rick Strassman DMT

Dr. Rick Strassman Explains Why DMT is “The Spirit Molecule”

Psychiatrist Dr. Rick Strassman was the first scientist to conduct U.S. government-approved human research into psychedelic substances after the so-called War on Drugs. He has published...
ayahuasca parkinson's disease2

Could Ayahuasca Help Fight Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is one of the great, seemingly incurable plights of humanity. It is a late-onset disorder, usually developing in people over 60,...
Mystical Pineal Gland DMT

Is the Pineal Gland Really the Mystical Powerhouse of the Brain?

Western psychedelic folklore loves the molecule DMT and the mysterious pineal gland of the brain that appears to naturally produce it. It’s pretty common...
Ayahuasca and the brain

What Ayahuasca Does to the Human Brain

Ayahuasca is all over the news these days. But how much do you actually know about ayahuasca’s effects on the brain, body and mind? Did...
Ayahuasca alchemy

How Shamans, Alchemists & Physicists Are Similar

Are there any common elements that may underlie the practices of leading physicists and scientists, Renaissance alchemists, and Amazonian ayahuasca healers? There are obviously...