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veterans PTSD Psychedelic

New Documentary Shows Veterans Treating PTSD with Ayahuasca

Around 20% of recent Unites States war veterans suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to research produced by RAND. Nearly half of...

The DMT drug is not a drug, its much stranger

DMT is a psychoactive molecule and in this sense it is a drug. The title of this article is provocative for a very good...

Ayahuasca stirs up debate over its effects

A recent invitation I received to write an essay about yajé (or ayahuasca) for an academic-type anthology on the “the power of psychedelics for...

Remembering Wholeness: Ayahuasca and the Structural Violence of Modern Life

Why does one write, if not to put one’s pieces together? From the moment we enter school or church, education chops us into pieces:...

Is it Cultural Appropriation for White People to Drink Ayahuasca?

White people in the Amazon, drinking a sacred indigenous brew, under a thatched roof, while a ceremonial leader in a feather crown and indigenous...
high society

High Society: The Universal Impulse to Alter Consciousness

Every society on earth is a high society. As the sun rises in the east, caffeine is infused and sipped across China in countless...
William Burroughs Ayahuasca

When Beat Author William Burroughs Found Ayahuasca in the 1950s

I read about a drug called yagé used by Indians in the headwaters of the Amazon. Yagé is supposed to increase telepathic sensitivity....
Ayahuasca Books

16 Ayahuasca Books You Should Get Your Hands On

There have been many ayahuasca books published during the last two decades. With its uncanny ability to evoke otherworldly visions, ayahuasca has summoned some...
Ancient Ayahuasca

Is Ayahuasca an Ancient Tradition?

While the origins of ayahuasca drinking are not clear to archaeologists, and some researchers suggest it's wide use among indigenous people is very recent,...

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