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Psychedelic Journey

Psychedelic Journeys and Auditory Perception

When we think of the effects of psychedelics, it is often in terms of the alterations they cause in cognitive processes and visual perception....
ayahuasca hallucinations psychosis

Can Learning to Navigate Ayahuasca Hallucinations Help in Psychosis Treatment?

Hallucinations occur during what doctors call psychosis, but they can also manifest outside the corridors of...
wade davis keynote speech

The Kaleidoscopic Forest of Amazonian Shamans

This article was the keynote address at ICEERS’ Third World Ayahuasca Conference, May 31-June 2, 2019 in Girona, Catalonia.
shamanic practice

Social Isolation Turns the World Inside Out. That’s Why Shamans Do...

Why is it taking so long to believe that if we hurt Nature, we...

DMT and the Psychedelic Underground in Mainland China—An Insider’s Story

I estimate that a few thousand people have had a DMT trip in mainland China. I heard of it for the first...
Ayahuasca Harvesting

We Are Harvesting the Ayahuasca Vine at an Alarming Rate

Over-harvesting ayahuasca is putting the sustainability of the medicine, the communities, and several branches of industry in question.

Getting Arrested and Released for Ayahuasca in Israel

I am 45 years old, live in Israel, and am a psychotherapist in private practice. I also teach other therapists to combine shamanic...
claudio naranjo ayahuasca

Ayahuasca and the Problems of the World

I wasn't planning to be here. I wasn't planning to come to this conference because I'm running out of fuel. You know,...
ayahuasca planetary health

Ayahuasca Is About More Than Just You. It’s About Planetary Health.

Fueled by advanced medical and scientific research, the Amazonian brew ayahuasca has become increasingly popular in Western societies in recent years. For...

Psychedelic Communities, Social Justice, and Kinship in the Capitalocene

The task is to make kin in lines of inventive connection as a practice of learning to live and die well with...