Shamanism & Spirituality

ayahuasca doctor

A Doctor’s Initiation with the Powerful Amazonian Brew Ayahuasca

My first experience of taking the ayahuasca medicine was truly one of the most remarkable I have ever had. It brought me in touch...
Rick Strassman DMT

Dr. Rick Strassman Explains Why DMT is “The Spirit Molecule”

Psychiatrist Dr. Rick Strassman was the first scientist to conduct U.S. government-approved human research into psychedelic substances after the so-called War on Drugs. He has published...
Psychedelic Experiences

What the Psychedelic Experience Really Is

There are many accounts of psychedelic experiences online and in books, written by people who’ve dabbled or dived into substances from LSD to psilocybin,...
Pablo Amaringo

Plant Visions: An Interview with Ayahuasca Artist Pablo Amaringo

Pablo Amaringo is one of the world’s greatest visionary artists. He is renowned for his highly complex, colourful and intricate paintings that are inspired...
Ayahuasca Books

16 Ayahuasca Books You Should Get Your Hands On

There have been many ayahuasca books published during the last two decades. With its uncanny ability to evoke otherworldly visions, ayahuasca has summoned some...
Ayahuasca alchemy

How Shamans, Alchemists & Physicists Are Similar

Are there any common elements that may underlie the practices of leading physicists and scientists, Renaissance alchemists, and Amazonian ayahuasca healers? There are obviously...
Ancient Ayahuasca

Is Ayahuasca an Ancient Tradition?

While the origins of ayahuasca drinking are not clear to archaeologists, and some researchers suggest it's wide use among indigenous people is very recent,...

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