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after ayahuasca

We Need to Talk About When People Feel Worse After Ayahuasca

Ryan was a meditator, experienced with ayahuasca, so it surprised him (not in a good way) when a disturbing ayahuasca ceremony revealed...
ayahuasca integrating shadow

Ayahuasca Integration Means Facing the Shadow in Daily Life

I used to have a therapeutic relationship with ayahuasca, the plant spirit or teacher, the energetic presence that has guided me for the past...
ayahuasca integration

Integrating Ayahuasca Experiences Requires an Integrated Approach

In 1980, I initiated my first contact with the famous Mazatec ethnic group that was popularized by R.G. Wasson and A. Hoffman in...
ayahuasca retreat

How to Find and Choose the Right Ayahuasca Retreat

This is it—you’re finally ready. After consuming as much information about ayahuasca as humanly possible, it’s high time to look for an ayahuasca retreat...

Enhancing Your Ayahuasca Experience: Harnessing the Power of Intention and Belief

Appropriate preparation and integration is still lacking in the global shamanic medicine and entheogenic culture. This is largely because we’re still in our infancy...
ayahuasca safety

Safety Tips for Traveling to Drink Ayahuasca in the Deep Jungle

If you have decided to travel to Peru or other areas in South America to drink ayahuasca, I hope that you have a wonderful...
Psychedelic Experiences

What the Psychedelic Experience Really Is

There are many accounts of psychedelic experiences online and in books, written by people who’ve dabbled or dived into substances from LSD to psilocybin,...

Discover Everything You Need to Know about Ayahuasca

If you boil the two plants Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis long enough, you'll end up with the powerful brew ayahuasca (pronounced: iowaska). But, I don't...
Prepare for ayahuasca

How to Prepare for Your First Ayahuasca Experience

Ayahuasca has been traditionally consumed by shamans of the Amazon rainforest who would diet the plant for many years. It’s also been drunk by...

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