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Maestra Rosa Pinedo Vasquez

Maestra Rosa Pinedo Vasquez, more affectionately known as “Mama Rosa,” has 31 years of experience in the practice of plant medicine. Her Shipibo name is Pesin Rate, which means “beautiful and admirable woman with long hair.” She is around 76 years of age but is not exactly sure. She was raised in a rainforest community but moved to the city of Pucallpa as a young adult in search of education and opportunities for her children. Rosa has four adult children who are now all practicing ayahuasca healers. At the age of 30, Rosa began her shamanic apprenticeship with Maximo Vela, which inspired a great dedication to the path of plant medicine work. She has worked in very well-known ayahuasca centers in Iquitos for many years,and now she works at Pachamama Temple just outside Pucallpa, Peru.