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Juliana Mendes Rocha and Giordano Novak Rossi

Giordano Novak Rossi is currently developing his masters degree in mental health at the department of neurosciences and behavioral in the Ribeirão Preto medical school (Univ. de São Paulo) on the effects of a single cannabidiol (CBD) dose or placebo followed by ayahuasca administration on healthy volunteers to elucidate possible interactions between the cannabinoid and serotonin systems. He is interested in learning about the effects and mechanisms of action of hallucinogenic drugs for use in mental health and possible benefits that healthy people may find in using them such as creativity enhancement. Juliana Mendes Rocha is a registered nurse currently undertaking a Master's in mental health at Ribeirão Preto medical school - University of São Paulo. Depart. of neurosciences and behavioral sciences