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Maestro Jorge Lopez Pinedo

Maestro Jorge grew up in a small village away from Pucallpa. His Shipibo name is Esgomenni. He started working as a curandero in 1989. He worked with ayahuasca for the first time at the age of 29 but disliked the taste so much that he treated it as a “one off” experience and could not imagine himself working with the medicine in the future. It was only later in his life, when he found himself very sick, that he was pushed to begin working with ayahuasca again. At that time, he met his maestro and dieted and apprenticed for nine years. He is a trained tabaquero. During a ceremony, Maestro Jorge’s icaros sound like a storm, and one blow of his tobacco is as potent as thunder. He works at the ayahuasca healing center Pachamama, in Pucallpa, Peru.