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Giorgio Samorini

Giorgio Samorini was born in Bologna (Italy) in 1957. He is an independent ethnobotanist who does research on the traditional use of intoxicating plants and fungi in different cultures and their archaeological traces. He has carried out research in modern ethnic groups in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and has specialized in the archeology and ethnography of intoxicating plants around the world. Among his research highlights the discovery of the oldest cult of psychoactive mushrooms in the Sahara desert, dated in the seventh millennium BC, and the study of the modern religious cult of Buiti among the Fangs of Gabon, which use the visionary plant iboga. He published numerous articles in scientific journals and several books, including Animales que se drogan, Los alucinόgenos en el mito, Funghi allucinogeni. Studi etnomicologici, Droghe tribali, Jurema, la pianta della visione, Archeologia delle piante inebrianti.